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Join Our Exclusive Photography Workshops in Southwest Utah!

Are you passionate about photography and seeking an unparalleled opportunity to capture the stunning landscapes of Southern Utah? Look no further! We're excited to announce our upcoming photography workshop on the breathtaking Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties near Kanab and Big Water, Utah.

Explore the Unique Beauty of Southern Utah's BLM Lands

Immerse yourself in the raw, untouched beauty of Southern Utah's diverse and scenic BLM lands. From the iconic red rock formations to the expansive canyons and mesas, Landwehrle Photography workshops will provide an ideal backdrop for your photographic exploration. Witness the play of light and shadows across the dramatic landscapes, offering a canvas for unparalleled photography experiences.

Tailored Experience for Photography Enthusiasts

Our workshop is designed for photographers of all levels, from beginners eager to learn the ropes to seasoned enthusiasts seeking to refine their skills. Led by seasoned professionals, this hands-on experience will cover a variety of techniques, including landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography, ensuring you capture the perfect shot every time.

What to Expect:

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the invaluable expertise of our seasoned photographers, offering guidance on composition, lighting, and the use of various camera settings.

Scenic Excursions: Engage in guided excursions to some of the most photogenic spots in the region, including slot canyons, arid landscapes, and potentially rare wildlife encounters.

Practical Sessions: Learn the art of post-processing and image editing to refine your captured masterpieces.

Location and Logistics:

The workshop will be conducted at a comfortable base camp in close proximity to the stunning BLM lands around Kanab and Big Water, ensuring convenience and a seamless experience throughout the workshop.

Why Choose Our Photo Workshop?

  • Access to stunning BLM locations
  • Expert guidance and hands-on learning experiences
  • Tailored activities for all levels of expertise

Come, Be Captivated by Southern Utah's Pristine Beauty!

Join us for an unforgettable photography journey where you’ll not only hone your skills but also create lasting memories and an awe-inspiring portfolio. Reserve your spot today and get ready to capture the extraordinary landscapes of Southern Utah’s BLM properties like never before!


For inquiries and reservations you can contact us here.

Capture the Magic. Join the Adventure. Reserve Your Spot Today!



-Places We Visit-

Cottonwood Canyon
Hoodoos and Toadstools
Sidestep Canyon
Wahweap Hoodoos
White Rocks
Yellow Rock

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